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I can close my mouth again but I can't   
07:40am 05/03/2009
  So for the past month or so I have been a bit of a stress monkey. You know the usual behind at work, 2-4 months behind renovating the house, wife is pregnant and showing, you know the usual. No big woop. Except for the fact my shoulders could not keep up with that my bodies tendency of storing stress there so I started tightening up in the next logical place, my neck. So much so that it was throwing my jaw out of alignment to the point where I could not close my mouth and it was giving me killer headaches.

But ... not only do I have a incredible wife but an incredible new half of a family. Beth's mom and uncle came down for the last week and have totally helped push past many of the major hurdles.
-utility room celling drywalled
-attic access ladder installed
-utility room floor tiled
-washer/dryer hookups installed
-wall behind kitchen sink repaired
-discovered and repaired hole in kitchen stack pipe
-installed kitchen cabnets, counter tops, sink ...
-kitchen nook celling drywalled
-bathroom exterior wall drywalled.
-bathroom celling drywalled
-numerous areas of wall mudding and patching in progress.

So I am much more relaxed at the moment. Still tired but more relaxed. Enough that I realized on Monday that I could close my mouth again. But I can't because the kitchen is going to look incredible when it is done. We discovered that the heart of pine floors are in very good shape. Combined with the chestnut stained cabinets, oak counter tops and stainless sink and dish washer is adding up to a very warm and stunning look.

And to boot Beth's dad is arranging for one of her brother's friends, who is a layed off union carpenter, to come down next week to give us a hand for a week.

We may actually make my new goal of being moved in by Easter.

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long time- and the house saga, episode 4 a new hope   
10:47pm 29/11/2008
mood: tired
Very long time since posting. I think only Songdancer is actually reading anymore.

So we closed on our house on 10/31/08, the same day Elizabeth's grandfather passed away.

Things are moving slowly. I am a bit confused in window stuff. Re did all the drains after a failed attempt to do just one. Had the amusement to having my coworker hear me get excited when listening to my voice mail about the paint remover coming in, "Woo, Hoo my strippers are here" went over well. The wood work looks like it will be totally beautiful when we get done striping it, the china hutch is almost done. We are striping the entire house to; 1. avoid the lead issue with potential future kids and 2. because my mom raised a nut that like natural wood trim. But she is really helping out a lot. We have found come good no-voc products to use including 3M-Safer Stripper and Back-To-Nature Multi-Strip. More to come.

So we are having a hard time figuring out what would be the better t-shirt to have made:

"My life in a HEPA filter mask" , due to trying to not suck in too much lead dust.


"Bob Vela is a pussy" , lazy ass sub-contracting wuss

till next time on this old blog
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shit to do this year   
10:02pm 05/01/2007
mood: productive
interesting concept. my lovely lady went to college at the florida honors college, new college. they did not really have normal curriculam. to my understanding they proposed what they wanted to do for the semmester and got an advisor to approve it. Classes, independent stuies, what ever. at the end of the semester their contract was reviewed to see if they honored it and they passed or failed accordianly. so she and her roommate who also when there still do this instead of new years resolutions. contracts on what they want to do for the year. or at least part of the year and do an additional one as needed.

like i said kind of interesting.

so here goes for my first stab, we decided to do the first three months and then review:

play an insturment at least 30 minitues a day, 6 days a week.
actualy practice technique and work on pieces and not just doddle.
play all three instruments every week. guitar, stick, bass
do an hour or more of yoga twice a week.
do sun saluations at least every other day.
try to keep up with helping out with chores around the house better, damm chorebuster.
visit the puppies more ofter, twice a week if possable.
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woo hoo Cynic reunion   
08:06am 16/11/2006
  Well it it is with out Sean Malone but hey it is still Cynic.

back to work   
03:43pm 04/09/2006
mood: mellow
Well the summer is over and I go back to work at the symphony tomarrow. Sould be fun. Kind of finaly got a grep on the whole home thing. I am very much in love and this is the happiness I have been in longer that I can recall, which is quite good.

I am enjoying working on my bass playing, although I want a new amp now. Thinking an Eden rig. Thinking I think to much.
bitching because i can   
04:39pm 20/07/2006
mood: not bad

credit damage stoped from getting any worse

savings account minus a 4 figue ammount

additional 3 figure ammount in monthly payments

contempt of court charge pending


on the bright side the lady still is amazing me. origami is full, we made arieal road kill eaters the other day. i have the solar power done. taking the lady to meet to folks this weekend, should be interesting. or at least i will have a much cleaner house to live in for the next month or so until i am back to work full time.

yoga today
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Full Circle   
10:31am 10/07/2006
mood: not to shabby
A year is as a minitue
Time passes like day to night
I fought so long and hand
I never wanted to give up the fight

You steped back and closed the door
Left where I only felt cold
But even in winter I can see the sun
As my strength returns I have no need to run

How long will it take, to come around full circle?
How long will it take, to come around full circle?

Once ideas filled my thoughts
With endless days and sleepless night
I woundered aimlessly
I lost my focus and my strenght to fight

But now my day is here
I neather want or need any more
I mend things as they are ment to be
The circle of life can't be ignored

How long will it take, to come around full circle?
How long will it take, to come around full circle?

How long will it take, to come around full circle?
How long will it take, to come around full circle?

Take a listen on myspace.

So life feels like it is going pretty well.

I have a good job, with the summers off to boot.
A wounderful woman in my life who I have fallen in love with and she has done the same.
I hope to buy a home of my own by the end of the calander year.
With my divorce final now I have only one thing that is realy looming over me like a sumo wrestler over a 95 lbs. weakling.
Getthing the damm crediotrs to accecpt the judges decree that the ex is the one who now leagaly owes them money and not me. The fucking dalily calls from Bank of America are getting really damm old. My desire is to kill, kill, kill ( while jumping up and down, I may end up on the group "W" bench).
10:21am 10/07/2006
mood: good
So we recorded a new Savage album a few weeks ago befor BJ heraded out to Korea, ya that one has me a bit nervious with recent events but he says things seem pretty cool over there so far.

The name of the album is Indolance. The concept for the title was Kevins idea. It comes from the eight of cups card from the Thouth tarot deck. Two tracks are up on myspace at http://www.myspace.com/savagemetalband
The first one "Full Circle" is a early mix with way to much bass even for us, the next time I am killing time at Panera I will upload the final mix. I actually uploaded the whole album to my .mac account but I am a twit and have not taken the time to figure out the direct link address to the folder yet.
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03:41pm 12/06/2006
mood: bouncy
Free at last, free at last. Thank ___________ I'm free at last.
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Almost there   
05:50pm 10/06/2006
  38 hours and 25 mim till my final divorce hearing starts. Ya I am getting antsy. And so is the new lady in my life.  
fucking 10's   
08:15am 26/05/2006
mood: Kick ass
So I liked the way my Strat played when I bought it. It was strung with 10's. So I figured I would try to keep it strung with 10's. Well not any more. As ususal the A string can't hold up to saquatch rythem playing. I hope it feel as nice and slinky with 11's, the tremmelo being unblocked may help.

On the same subject line but a different topic, I think the new woman in my life is definatly a 10.
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busy busy   
10:45am 15/05/2006
mood: good
Live has been busy lately. Lots of work. Lots of dating. Lots of fun stuff. Lots of new music. Lots of Lots. I am tired or I would be more descriptive.

Glad to hear Snell is diging the Opeth and Grip Inc. I love it when I discover something so kick ass it just floors me. Which is pretty much how I fell about my dating situaiton at the moment. I am just so damm happy. Nothing like a cool, smart , pretty woman with a good twisted sence of humor that paints and plays cello. Like I said really damm happy. It is nap time.
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09:49pm 12/04/2006
mood: good
If you like good heavy music get your butt out to a High on Fire show now. Totally bad ass show last night down in Gainesville. I am only slightly brused. I would have like more people in the pit but the college kids just don't seem to get it. And I sware if I catch another elbow from some stupid emo kid flailing around like a fish out of water doing a Bruce Lee impression I am going to clock the wantabe. I would like to see some of them thrown in a pit at a Megadeth or Fear Factory show. I think it would cure them of that crap real quick.
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about damm time   
01:12pm 09/04/2006
mood: rested and it's all good
I have finaly been officialy offered the Technical Director job with JSO. Woo Hoo.

Queensryche finaly releaced Operation Mindcrime 2. After 18 years since the original. No where as good as the original. It is growing on me. Better than most of their stuff since Empire.

I pretty much have a week off. Shush don't tell my mom or she will want slave labor.

I am going to order a new laptop. Pretty 14" ibook. I would like a Powerbook but I can't justify the extra $500 right now. I figure I will get a intel one in a year or two and give the ibook to my mom as a thank you for the past year or so.

Now I just would like a woman in my life. Sigh.
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03:23am 02/04/2006
mood: horney and sleeply
I was out having a couple of pints tonight with my stage manager. Pink Floyd's Another Brick in the Wall Part II can on. Never realized how perverted you the ending can be if you think about it. "You can't have you pudding if you don't eat your meat." Of chorse repeated by a repressed male school teacher. May be it was the pints or the fact that I could realy stand to get rid of some pudding. But I found the thought way to funny.

Tomarrow is Chocolate Day at Sweet Dreams. KICK ASS!!!!!!!!!!
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pluses and minuses   
08:37am 22/03/2006
mood: happy
So, the show last night was great. Opeth is one of those bands that pulls off their stuff live to a tee while still sounding like it is not totaly mechanical and are enjoying playing it. Also the singer is damm ammusing durring his between song spheals. I also really enjoyed the venue. We were in the front of the balcolny. Kick ass view and great sounding mix, did not even have to wear ear plugs. It was worth the 160 mile drive down to Orlando.

Probaly going to catch Tempest Reigh on fri. If your in Jax and like metal you should be checking these guys out real soon. I meen it. Go now. Yes you. Get off your butt and get out of the house and go support local music.

So Kevin and I were talking about the pluses and minuses of larger metropolitan areas, while driving through semi-rush hour trafic in Orlando(that would be minus). While I miss the unlimited options I had in southern California. I don't think I would trade it for the southern hopsatiality of Jacksonville. Mind you, you don't get it everwhere but it is present and strongly remind me who good it is to live in an area where people are generaly decent to each other just because they want to be the kind of people they would like to be around.
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09:16pm 20/03/2006
mood: trying to not be grumpy
I'm psyced. Going down to Orlando tomarow to catch Opeth who is quickly becoming one my favorate bands.

Divorce paperwork is officaly filed. Woo Hoo!

Corrine asked me to day to call one of the credit card companies and talk to them because they raised the rate to the defalt status. She said her bank randonaly bounced a check when there was funds in the account. So I call them today and the bounced check was back in October, gee what happened to telling be about this kind of crap when it happens. Like we agreed to do, damm it!!! I also find out that there was some kind of bs with last months payment. She told me she dose not know how to handle it and is thinking about filing for bankkrucpy. Well as part of the divorce process she is now under a court order to not do anything of the likeness untill everything is final. We were just going to try to not let the creditors get wind of the divorce so they did not jack the rates up but I am about at the end of my paciants with it. She has ran up like $20K since she left and this late shit is not cutting it.

I realy like my new guitar thought.
real tired   
12:49am 19/03/2006
mood: very cool
... snell is off to a better place for him. very cool. had a date this week. very cool. bought a new guitar the other day, very cool. ordered 8 cds i have been hunting for. very cool. divorce stuff is almost taken care of. very cool. i have almost 2 days off. very cool.
as happy as a little girl   
02:53am 06/03/2006
mood: tired as hell but happy
tomarrow will pretty much be my first day off in a month. I am looking forward to the sleep. I have a ton of stuff to do but sleep and guitar are at the top of the list. Speeking of the former, it's that time.
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when in doubt blame it on the light   
09:19pm 01/03/2006
mood: chill
the joury is still out on the symphone gig. Everyone I work with, besides the stagehands at the symphone, are trying to encurage me to not take the gig. I have had a bunch of bitching this seek about "its to brigh, its do dark,its in my eyes". Pretty typical symphone lighting bs. I am not the only one that thinks the winers in the group are trying to make excuses for their lack of being to play the chalanging pieces of the week.

Most of the musicians are nice. Just a few angery lesbians who like to stur up trouble.